Cambria CSD Fire Department
2850 Burton Dr. Cambria, CA.


Free Chipping for Cambria Residents!

Reduce your fire risk by reducing combustible vegetation around your property.

Be Ready for Chippers by July 31, 2022

Sign up now for free chipping during the Cambria FireSafe Community Cleanup and Chipping Event

Gather up your material for chipping by, July 30th.

Chipping will commence on Monday August 1st.

The Fire Safe Council of San Luis Obispo County has provided grant funding to contract chipping crews, with support from Cambria CSD Fire Dept., and the Cambria CSD Fire Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). Our chipping team will chip vegetation on your property, helping to make your home and the community safer. This is a free event for Cambria area residents.

Please complete the sign-up form at here no later than July 29th.

Starting on July 5th you can pick up your flagging tape at the Cambria CSD Fire Station, 2850 Burton (805) 927-6240. Thank You!


  • Material must be less than 8-inches in diameter and no longer than 7- feet.
  • Material must be marked with flagging tape (provided at the Fire Department) and placed at the street edge near the pile by July 29th.
  • Only limbs and like material may be chipped. No grass, leaves, pine needles, sawed lumber or building materials.
  • All chipped material will be collected by the chipping contractor.
  • If your pile for chipping is larger than a Small SUV then please note in Chipping sign-up form.
  • Sorry, we cannot schedule a precise time for arrival


Why do I need marking tape?

It is our way of locating the material and making sure the pile is designated for chipping and not some other purpose.

Why are the chips being hauled away?

Chipped materials are fine fuels which can readily accommodate, feed and accelerate any fire activity. Reducing these fine fuels helps reduce the ability of a fire to grow and spread and reduces ember production.

When will the chipping occur?

We will commence chipping on August 1st and continue on to Tuesday August 2nd if needed. We have route-planning to do and there are other variables that could affect that date. Once you have provided an email address we will pass on the most current information.

Can I add to the pile after July 29th?

Within reason, yes. If you generate additional materials to be chipped, add them to your existing pile. If you need to create a new pile, please contact us. (

Cambria Fire Safety Videos

You will find videos of the speakers and presentations made during the May 7, 2022 Cambria Fire Safety Event focusing on Wildfire Preparedness and Safety. The featured video covers all of the speakers, their presentations and the Q&A. Individual videos show the presentations by speaker and topic. Thank you for your interest.

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